Automobile PVB film for windshield (clear, light blue, light green, color band)

Thickness: 0.45mm 0.6mm 0.76mm, OEM

Width: 600mm-2700mm

Advantage of our PVB film: ultra-high transparence; excellent flatness; good rate of finished products and stable performance in processing

Payment: T/T or L/C
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PVB film is a strong adhesive, well-known for its properties as high transparency, Heat-resisting, cold-resistant, moisture-proof, and irradiation resistance. Insulation and High mechanical strength and the best adhesive material for laminated glass.
PVB film is a high molecular polymer made from PVB resin and plasticizer, together With different additives according to different application and formed through Plasticization and extrusion by extruder.
PVB film be widely used in automobile windshields, for the safe, and now use in side window also, to reduce noise. Except clear PVB, light blue light green PVB layer be use in windshield also, some time color band in the top. The common thickness is 0.45mm 0.6mm 0.76mm, other thickness can customized.
Automobile PVB film specification
Thickness: 0.45mm 0.60mm 0.76mm OEM
Length: 200m/roll(0.76mm)
Width: 600-2700mm
Band Width: 120-460mm
Color: Blue band/ Grey band/ Green band/ F-green
Roughness Rz: 20-50
Moisture content(%): 0.35-0.55
Heat shrinkage rate (60℃/15min)(%): ≤8.0
Pummel value: 3-6
Visible light transmittance (%): ≥85(clear)
Haze (%): ≤0.6(clear)
Tensile strength (MPa): ≥20.0
Tensile elongation (%): ≥200
Yellowness index (%): ≤10
PVB film certification:
Delivery time:  10days
Each layer of PVB film is separated by PE film, and vacuumed in aluminum foil bag, then put into plywood box.
Should stored in clean warehouse under the ordinary temperature. No direct sunlight. When vacuumed package is opened, it should be stored in the place with the temperature 15℃-25℃, humidity of 20%-40%.
Avoid direct  sunlight, rain and strong shake during the transportation.
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